When we square something, we get a 2 dimensional area, which has length and breadth.

When we cube something, we get a 3 dimensional volume, which has length, breadth and height.

When we multiply to the power of four, we get a 4 dimensional magnitude, which has length, breadth, height and depth.

When we look at a mountain scene across a lake or loch, we see the height of the mountain and its reflection in the water. We do not see the depth of the water.

When we look at the lake from the top of the mountain, we see the depth of the valley, not the height of the water.

When height and depth are a measure of the same thing, we see only 3 dimensions and the fourth dimension remains veiled by the surface of the lake. To see the 4th dimension with depth, we have to look beyond the surface of physical reality.

Depth is the fourth dimension of Space, where space-time becomes a reality.

In 3 dimensional reality we can see the duality of space and time.

In the magnitude of a 4 dimensional world, we can see the triality of space-time-reality.

When the True Identity of our world is a space-time-reality, where everything is energy, matter and motion, we start to comprehend the magnitude of our power, authority and ability.