Dementia Is The Fate Of An Unawakened Mind

An unawakened Mind has an ego sense of Self, where the mind is limited by a belief that it is a physical body born into a material reality.

Paradoxically, physical reality is experienced whilst awake and any mental experience during sleep is believed to be an unreal dream.

The unawakened Mind is the function of a brain, when the function of a brain is seen as the working of the mind, because how the brain functions and how my mind works is as yet unknown to neurological science.

An awakened mind knows that everybody’s brain works differently because everyone’s mind thinks differently.

Because we are not conscious of how the mind works, we are not aware of our consciousness.

Being unaware of our consciousness is the definition of an unawakened Mind.

When I am aware of my consciousness, they are the same state of mind.

When I am conscious of my awareness, I awaken to a different dimension of my mind.

The physical world is a conscious reality that I experience with my five physical senses.

My spiritual world is a super-conscious reality that I experience with my three intuitive senses.

Access to my super-conscious reality is blocked by the reality of my sub-conscious programming.

By definition, I am not conscious of my sub-conscious programming until I become aware of its existence.

My sub-conscious programming is what allows my mind to run on automatic pilot.

My conscious mind is the conscious pilot and the captain of my physical body. My conscious mind has the potential to focus in the past, the present & the future.

My sub-conscious Mind is the auto-pilot of my physical body that is personally programmed by my past experience of physical life.

My brain is the processor of my physical experience that produces my sub-conscious mental programmes.

The sub-conscious Mind is programmed to act instinctively and it is instinctively programmed to meet my need for emotional power.

An unawakened Mind is unaware of its need for emotional power. It is my fate to spend my life meeting my sub-conscious need for emotional power.

Mental authority requires emotional power to enable physical activity. Without emotional power, physical activity is not authorised and without mental authority, physical action is not empowered.

An unawakened Mind, being unaware of its need for emotional power, believes that it runs on physical fuel called food.

My awakened mind intuitively knows that I am a three part Being who is physical, mental & emotional. My physicality, my mentality & my emotionality are the three aspects of my spirituality. They are the three energetic aspects of my Beingness.

It is a great irony that we all believe that we live in a three dimensional physical reality, where most people are unawakened to their three dimensions of spiritual reality.

We are mentally awake to our physical world, yet unawakened to our mental world emotionally and unaware of our emotional world physically.

To be conscious of only my physical world is my fate. To become awakened to my spiritual reality is my destiny.

Nothing is realised until I make it real through my own experience of reality. Spiritual reality is not real until I realise it to be real. Once I realise my spirituality to be real, I awaken to the reality of spirit.

The reality of spirit is that it is a three dimensional experience that is physical, mental & emotional. My reality is how I experience physical life as a mental perspective with an emotional perception.

How I experience life can be my fate or it can be my destiny. It is my fate to live in a reality that is the creation of other people’s experiences. Without a clear vision for my destiny, I am fated to live my life following the path of the society to which my family belongs. I am fated to follow the principles of my family, the morals & ethics of my religious philosophers and the laws of my government. I am fated to be educated in a rational academic institution to work for the benefit of a country that is governed by people who know better than me. I am fated to believe that life happened by accident and to avoid death, I need to avoid accidents, so that I eventually die having served no purpose, except to pass on my fate to my children.

Unawakened to any fulfilling purpose in life, it is my fate to become old enough to suffer with dementia.

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