Dementia Is A Fear

Dementia is a fear of getting old and losing one’s marbles.

Losing my marbles is a metaphor for losing my intelligence or my ability to act intelligently.

The ability to act intelligently requires left brain, rational thinking. Left brain, rational thinking requires both Random Access Memory & Read Only Memory.

My access to my memory is what makes me appear to be intelligent, as my inability to remember greatly hinders rational thinking.

The absence of rational thinking makes personal choice impossible.

Personal choice is a fundamental benefit of physical life. Life is a personal choice and personal choice is what gives Human Beings dominion over the Animals.

We are taught to believe that the more personal choices that we have, the more intelligent we are, but what if rational thinking was not as important as we are lead to believe.

What if, my personal choice is to unconditionally accept whatever turns up in my life?

What if, I have no fear?

What if, I know that nothing is ever lost?

What if, I have an inner guidance system that supports me on my predestined path?

What if, I have a Super-conscious Mind that never ages, never forgets and knows my absolute truth?

What if, my connection to my higher mind is always present?

If this is my reality, can dementia exist?

Is dementia an experience of False Evidence Appearing Real, which has an acronym of FEAR?

What if, my marbles are transparent and not set in stone?

What if my marbles can roll in any direction and never get lost?

What if, my marbles are a set of beliefs and I can swop any marble for one with a better belief.

I can change the marble that says: I am growing old, to a marble that says: I am growing with age.

I can change the marble that believes my brain power is limited to a marble with infinite mental capacity.

I can change the marble that has a forgetful memory to one with an eternal connection.

I can change the marble that says intelligence is learned and lost to one that knows that wisdom is innate.

What if, a fear is a programmed limiting belief that I can challenge and change, through choice.

Do I have the mental capacity to change the belief that I have a mental incapacity?

The answer is, almost definitely, no!

The belief that I have dementia causes that to be my real experience.

Changing any belief for a better belief requires both rational mental intellect and positive emotional power.

The belief that I have dementia, fixes dementia into my reality. However, there is a loop hole here, as I can forget that I have dementia, if I am allowed to.

One of the biggest problems that dementia sufferers suffer from is other people constantly reminding them of their forgetfulness.

When other people are continuously reminding you of anything, they are also reminding you of your forgetfulness..

In this crazy, demented world, that is what other people are there for, to reflect back to us exactly what we believe to be true.

Once you are diagnosed with dementia, there will always be someone there to make your decisions for you and to remind you how lost, confused & frustrated you are, at having someone there to forever remind you.

You will be expected to act with the incompetence that your mental incapacity determines that you should have.

It is impossible to forget that you have dementia when other people are constantly there to remind you of your medically diagnosed symptoms.

We all create our own physical reality in alignment with our own mentally programmed beliefs.

Dementia is a programmed belief in the mind of a person who is assigned to look after someone who is diagnosed with dementia.

When I lose my independence, I am living in the reality of the person on whom I am dependent for whatever it is that I need.

The reality is that I have to change my mind about having dementia before I can change another person’s mind about my dementia, which is not going to happen when they are making up my mind for me.

Memory is how we make sense of life with a continuous timeline of reality. Asking a person with dementia to remember is like asking a blind person to see, because without the eyes to see, we will have to listen to someone else’s story.

When I believe that life happens to me then I am a victim of a disease called dementia that has happened to me.

When life can no longer happen by me because I no longer appear to have the mental capacity to make it happen by me, then by default, I become a victim of life happening to me.

When I allow life to happen through me, as a choice of my higher mind, I know that dementia is not a choice for me because I know that life is designed to flow through me in a beneficial way, and I know that my higher mind never forgets anything.

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