Deep or Shallow

Rational thinkers are often deep thinkers.

Deep thinkers have the gift of analysis.

Analytical thinkers search the depth of all possible outcomes in a logical way.

Deep logical thinkers are often very shallow when it comes to being emotionally sensitive.

Deep thinkers often have high IQs but very low EQs.

Highly rational people hide or contain their emotions.

Highly sensitive people have deep emotional feelings.

When deeply sensitive people are unable to rationally manage their feelings they are seen as irrational and too sensitive by deeply rational people.

Sensitive people often see Deep Thinkers as emotionally contained, insensitive, unemotional and disconnected.

Highly sensitive people with a high EQ and a low IQ may be seen by rational people as intellectually shallow (the dumb blond syndrome).

Whether deep or shallow, rational or emotional, we are at one end of an intellectual-emotional duality.

Being Emotionally-Rational is Being “Deeply-Shallow”.