“Our Soul will not pay the debts of our Ego”.

Debt is a construct of our ego self.

Debt is a belief in scarcity and not enough.

Debt is the cost of borrowing what we believe that we do not have.

It is the will of the ego that takes us into debt and therefore it is the will of our ego that is required to pay our debts.

Debt is incurred when we lend or borrow things or money.

We lend and borrow what we are not prepared to give and receive.

When we own and use what is lent and not given, there is a cost to pay, which is called a debt.

Our Soul is unconditionally giving of everything that is required on our agreed path in life.

Our Soul is unconditionally receiving of the expansive growth and experience of following that path.

When we choose the will of our ego instead of the Path of our Soul, we will encounter both scarcity and debt.

The only debt we owe is one of Gratitude to our Soul.