Dark Matter & Dark Energy

Scientists believe that the Universe is made up of:

  • Baryonic (ordinary) Matter
  • Dark Matter
  • Dark Energy

Dark Matter is matter that does not emit radiation, (we can’t see it) but it has a gravitational effect (we can only see its affect on ordinary matter).

Dark Energy accounts for 74% of the Mass Energy of the Universe and has an anti-gravitational effect.

Dark Energy is the fabric of ‘Space’.

Philosophers believe that the Consciousness that created our Universe, or the Consciousness that is our Universe, is made up of what is:

  • Conscious
  • Sub-Conscious
  • Super-Conscious (Unconscious)

The Supra-Conscious Universe is a triality of these 3 aspects of Consciousness.

Matter and Energy are the same thing viewed from a different perspective or experienced as a different vibration.

As Einstein discovered E=MC2, which means Energy = Matter in a system where the speed of light is a constant.

Quantum Physicists have reached the conclusion that all matter reduced to its ultimate component is Energy.

There is therefore a high probability that:

  • Conscious Energy perceives Ordinary Matter.
  • Sub-Conscious Energy perceives Dark Matter.
  • Super-Conscious Energy perceives Dark Energy.

The Energy of Supra-Consciousness is ‘Thought’.