Customs & Boundaries

Customs are the standards of acceptable behaviour by a particular society.

Boundaries are the standards of acceptable behaviour expected from people outside that society.

We put up boundaries to ensure that other people conform to our standards of behaviour.

We put up physical boundaries to ensure that people who do not conform to our acceptable behaviour are excluded from our society.

We employ Customs & Excise to police our boundaries and borders to keep out foreign, unwanted aliens who do not exercise our customs.

As we cross the boundaries of our territory and visit a different society we encounter different customs.

“When in Rome” means to accept the customs of the society within whose land we are visiting.

When we eliminate boundaries, we no longer need customs, and people become free.

When we eliminate customs, we no longer need boundaries because our customs are our boundaries.

The boundaries that we impose upon our self to keep us safe, will eventually keep us secure within a prison of our own making, as is currently the custom of ‘civilised’ society.