In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth.

Heaven is the domain of our Soul – our God.

Earth is the domain of our Self – our Man.

The duality of physical and spiritual existence is realised in the manifestation of relative physical reality on Earth as opposed to the Absolute Spiritual reality of Heaven,

In the beginning God created Heaven ‘on’ Earth,

Heaven on Earth is the Garden of Eden. Earth as God created it to Be.

The Garden of Eden is not a place on Earth. It was the Earth at the time of Creation.

Then God (our Soul) created Man (our Self) and God (our Self) gave Man (our Self) choice. and the world of relative dual reality came into Being to allow Man to be at Choice.

God created duality and this relative world of Earth in Heaven so that Man could have choice and, through Man, God could experience Choice, because in the Absolute Realm of oneness there is no choice, just Absolute Oneness.

With the choice given by God, Man is able to choose to create either Heaven on Earth or Hell on Earth by virtue of his personal perspective of what is good or bad.

In the beginning God created Heaven on Earth and this is the ‘Nature’ of the Earth. However it is Man’s nature, and the nature of Man’s perspective, that decides whether it is heaven or hell to live on Earth,