Creating Reality

Consciously creating our own Reality requires us to consciously manage our own personal Time and Space.

The amount of personal Time & Space that we have is relative to how effectively we are able to create our own Reality.

The frequency of our personal Time combined with the wavelength of our personal Space creates the vibration of our personal Reality.

Our personal Reality is an expression of our personal Energy Vibration.

The more vibrant our energy, the greater is our ability to Attract the Reality that we choose.

For our Reality to be attractive to us, we are required to be Attractive and to attract our Reality Consciously.

Creating our own Reality requires our Consciousness (our thoughts) to Be Attractive.

Our Energy Vibration is our Energy Potential, which is our potential to consciously create our own Reality.

The Potential Vibration of our Energy is the product of the force of our Energy Frequency and the magnitude of our Energy Wavelength.

You are required to: ” Be the Reality that you choose to experience in this world”.