Creating Reality

Creating our own reality requires Time and Space.

Space is the distance of separation between us and other people that allows our realities to differ.

The more inclusive that we are, the more we allow others into our space and the less separation we have and the less we are connected to our own path and our own reality.

Time is the number of moments in our life, when we are available to receive our messages or conceive unique thoughts that create our individual reality.

Time is the delay between the reality that we think and the reality that we create.

The more disconnected that we are, the less time we have to listen to our Soul and the more that we are driven by other people’s dramas that are other people’s reality.

When we are sensitively detached in our own space, we are free to respond in a forward direction without resistance and create a positive reality.

When we are exclusively connected to our own time, we are present in that moment to hear our directions and messages that create our vision of reality as we see it.

Our quota of time (our frequency) and our magnitude of space (our wavelength) determine the quality of the reality that we are creating (our vibration).

The greater the potential of our vibration the quicker that the focus of our thoughts becomes our reality.

Our reality is always in the process of being created. Whether we continually create the same reality or consciously change our reality to suit our choice, it is never-the-less determined by the intensity of our thoughts, words and actions.

Perspective is our view of the reality that we have created.

Our beliefs create the perspective that create our reality and our reality endorses our beliefs as our truth.

We therefore all have our own perspective of the truth and the potential to create our own individual, unique and exclusive reality.