Creating Awareness

The role of an educator is to provide the answers for their students.

The role of a Coach is to guide and support another to find the right questions.

When we ask the right questions, we access the Source of All Knowing and the answers are revealed as revelations.

Creating awareness is allowing others to bring into their consciousness that which they do not yet remember. When a memory is revealed, they experience a sense of knowing, which feels as though they have always known it.

When we ask the right question, our awareness is revealed to us instantly as a revelation.

The Coach does not provide the answer but stimulates, empowers and facilitates the student to ask the right question that creates their awareness of the right answer for them.

In the material and physical world, our rational intelligence is measured by our ability to remember the answers to our questions.

In the spiritual and energetic world our emotional intelligence or awareness is our ability to remember the questions to our answers.

Our Consciousness guides us to find the answers to our questions in a rational way.

Our Awareness guides us to find the questions to our answers in an emotional way.