Covenant or Contract

A  Covenant is expansive when we co-vene or come together as one, in union and togetherness.

A Contract is reductive when we contractually become stuck in our separateness.

Our Covenant with the Divine is our Vision, Mission & Purpose in Life, which is individual, unique and exclusively ours.

We make a Contract with Man to honour our promise and bind it by Man’s Laws.

Both a covenant and a contract are a promise:

  • A covenant is God’s promise to us.
  •  A contract is Man’s promise to Man.

Fulfilling our Divine Covenant requires the breaking of all contracts that deny and obstruct our expansive development and growth.

  • A contract of marriage is a civil partnership in law where opposites are attracted to each other.
  • A covenant of holy matrimony is a spiritual partnership determined by the Law of Attraction.

A promise to Man requires trust and where trust does not exist, a contract in law is agreed.

A Divine Promise requires Faith and our ability to connect to our power and authority determines our ability to receive God’s Promise.

God’s Promise is to give us everything that we ask, even before we have asked. Our Covenant with God is to Ask.

Our contract with the devil expires when we no longer put our trust in Man and follow our Covenant with God.