We have conviction in our own choice when we know that what we choose is already in place.

We are convicted by the beliefs that limit what we have, and serve a sentence of punishment, created by an authority that is not our own.

When we follow the authority of another, we will always be judged by their standards and found guilty of any misdemeanours or transgressions. We will be convicted by our perceived faults and humbled by our own arrogance.

We will serve time for our sins as a penitence for not repenting, until we are finally pardoned, when once again convicted by an external authority that seeks to discipline and control us.

Our Inner Coach is our True Authority and never seeks to convict, discipline or control us.

When we choose with conviction, we know that it is the right choice for us and that it is the choice of our Soul.

Our Soul never judges, never convicts, never sentences, never punishes, and never pardons. These are all actions of greed and of Men who pursue power and control over us. They seek to become our authority, dictating our morals, laws, standards, ethics and principles, by making rules that give themselves a mandate to rule over us.

A belief is an opinion that we have borrowed from someone else until we challenge it and own it with conviction.

Having no previous convictions does not make us innocent and does not grant us freedom.