Consciousness is knowing, feeling and seeing the Physical World of Matter.

Consciousness is the Attainment of Being:

  • Rational in how we see our Self.
  • Detached in how we know other people.
  • Exclusive in how we feel our Soul.

Being Rational, Detached and Exclusive are positive attributes of Consciousness.

When we can see only the rational physical world, we become unemotional.

When we know other people in an unattached way, we become insensitive.

When we feel our self but not our Soul, we become disconnected.

Being unemotional, insensitive and disconnected are negative aspects of Consciousness.

The Consciousness of seeing, feeling and knowing matter is the male gender of our Energy. It is called Being Physical or Human and has a positive and a negative polarity or perspective.

The negative polarity of the male gender of consciousness is called Science. Scientists are conscious of the physical world of matter through their negative male perspective of Life.