Connecting to Source

When we are disconnected from the Source of our Power, our energy is divided by intensity, polarity and gender.

The intensity of our energy is divided by being either extrovert and active or introvert and passive.

The polarity of our energy is divided by being positively expansive or negatively contractive.

The gender of our energy is divided by being hot and femine or cold and masculine.

To connect to our Source of Power, we are required to:

  • Moderate our Intensity and become ‘overt’.
  • Neutralise our polarity and be in ‘equanimity’.
  • Unite our gender and be ‘temperate’ (warm & cool).

To be in the Oneness of our Soul and to connect to our Power requires us to attain the attributes of our Soul and make the choices of our Soul.

Our Soul resides in the effortlessness of the Divine Flow, the stillness of the Divine Gap, and in the presence of the Divine Now.