Connecting to Source

We have a choice of emotional power supply. We can ‘run on batteries’ or we can ‘connect to the mains’.

When we run on batteries, our power supply is limited and needs constantly recharging.

Recharging our batteries comes at a cost, which is our value or quality of life.

When we run on batteries we ‘need’ to continually top-up our emotional energy.

The need to replenish our ’emotional need’ and get our needs met is carried out by our sub-conscious mind until we become aware of our emotional needs and get them met consciously.

We cannot plug into the mains sub-consciously. When we plug into the mains we connect to Source.

Connecting to Source requires our conscious choice to follow our own spiritual authority.

Sub-consciously chasing our emotional needs keeps us off track and disconnected from our Source of authority and power.

Once we have consciously met our emotional needs, we are free to follow our True Values and connect to the Source of our True Power – Love.

We are then free to do what we love to do – with Love.