Connected to Source

Connected to Source means that we have the Ability to connect consciously to our True Source of Power & Authority.

Our True Source of Power & Authority is our Soul & Inner Coach.

When we make the choices of our Soul, we connect to our Soul’s Authority.

When we connect to our Soul’s Authority, we connect automatically to our Soul’s Power.

We are Inspired by the Revelations of our Soul that Authorise us.

Inspiration is the Power of our Soul that empowers us.

When we connect to our Soul’s Imaginative Genius, we are exclusively-connected to our Vision, Mission & Purpose for this Life-time, which is our Life Path.

When we connect exclusively to our individual, unique and exclusive Destiny, we are in direct co-operation with our Soul.

When we connect inclusively with others, we are attempting to get our individual emotion needs (our lack of power) met by others.

When disconnected from Source, we are dependent on other people to supply our emotional power.

One thought on “Connected to Source

  1. Kelly La Sha

    You make a really good point here. We often don’t even realize how much energy we are drawing from those around us in order to get our needs met. One of the most important things we can learn for our personal growth is how to self source our own energy.

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