Conflict & Appeasement

Conflict is the absence of peace.

Appeasement is a false peace that denies or avoids conflict.

Whenever we have opposing dual realities, we will experience conflict.

This dual reality world is ideally constructed in order to experience all possible aspects of conflicting, opposing realities.

Whenever two aspects of our Beingness are in opposition there is the potential for conflict within our self.

A peacemaker has mastered the art of appeasement.

Managing conflict through appeasement results in a passive conflict or a ‘cold war’.

A cold war is still a war and opponents are still in conflict.

The greater the conflicting views, the greater the need for appeasement and compromise.

When conflict is avoided, it just lays passively dormant waiting for the opportunity to express itself in a ‘hot war’ that seeks to annihilate the conflict that has not been confronted.

Once we confront our opposing views, we overcome the need for both conflict and appeasement.