Confined, Restricted, Restrained

When our Space is confined, we lose our Power.

When our Time is restricted, we lose our Authority.

When our Reality is restrained, we lose our Ability.

When our power is unconfined, we are free to connect to our Energy of Love.

When our authority is unrestricted, we are free to connect to our Energy of Light.

When our ability is unrestrained, we are free to connect to our energy of Life.

Without our power, our anger becomes free and unconfined.

Without our authority, our intolerance becomes free and unrestricted.

Without our ability, our frustration becomes free and unrestrained.

We are confined by our emotional needs.

We are restricted by our limiting beliefs and our fears.

We are restrained by our control dramas.

When confined, we cannot feel our power and  we become confused.

When restricted, we do not know our authority and we become lost.

When restrained, we cannot see our ability and we become frustrated.