Common Sense

The sense that is common to everyone is Intuition – our sixth sense.

Intuition is the guidance system of our Inner Teacher & Coach.

Our Inner Tutor communicates via the three inner senses that are common to us all, although only those who are spiritually awakened will receive the messages.

Our three intuitive inner senses are Seeing, Feeling and Knowing our Spiritual Path.

Our sense of Seeing intuitively is developed as we become more Sensitively-Detached.

The more insensitive (to energy) and attached (to material life) that we are, the less we can See the bigger picture and imagine a different future. As we become more sensitively-detached the power of our imagination, to consciously create our reality, increases.

Our common sense of Feeling intuitively is developed as we become more Emotionally-Rational.

 The more irrational we are (in physical life) and the more unemotional we are (to spirit), the less we can feel energy in motion (e-motion) as the spirit of Inspiration.

The common sense of Knowing intuitively is developed as we become more Exclusively-Connected.

The more disconnected (from spirit) and inclusive (with other people in physical life) the less we can hear the messages of our own personal revelations.