Co-Operating is working together in harmony for mutual expansive growth.

“To share someone else’s time and space, even for just a short while, we are required to share their reality as well.”

When we share time with another, we are on the same frequency as they are; when we share their space, we are on the same wavelength as them; and when we share their reality, we share the same vibration. Our fluctuations are concordant and our fluency is congruent. This means that whether we are on track or off track, we are still co-working in harmony and Co-Operating.

To share Time together, we are required to know what each other knows with the same quota of Time and force of Authority by Being Exclusively-Connected.

To share the same Space, we are required to feel what each other feels with a similar quantity of Space and magnitude of Power by Being Emotionally-Rational.

To share a similar Reality, we are required to see what each other sees and have the same quality of Reality and potential Ability by Being Sensitively-Detached.

Soul-mates covenant to work together in Co-operation on their own separate paths.

Co-operation is “inter-developmental” working in “separate-togetherness” following our own unique destiny in harmonious partnership with others.