Clarity is being in our Power. When we feel our power with positive emotion, what we want becomes crystal clear.

When we feel totally positive about what we want – we know what we want with clarity. When we do not feel emotionally positive, we are confused. When we feel negative emotion, we become even more confused.

With confusion and without clarity, we lose our direction and our presence. Without presence we are disconnected from our potential ability, and the magnitude of our power is diminished.

The confusion that hinders the clarity of our power is due to the resistance to our Divine Flow, which is caused by our system of beliefs. Our beliefs control our thoughts and become our truth.

Our personal truths based on our beliefs create our confusion, whereas, the Absolute Truth allows clarity. The Absolute Truth is that we can be, do and have what ever we want. The only limitation is created by our beliefs.

Negative beliefs stop the flow of positive energy, that is our power to create and manifest, from coming to us. When we know this, then we have clarity. Without this knowing, we feel confused and powerless.

Thoughts are creative and are generated by our beliefs, therefore, what we believe is what we create as our reality. The integrity of our reality is relative to the absolute purity and clarity of our beliefs.

Following our beliefs will often result in confusion. Following our faith will give us clarity. A belief is based on a past experience, whereas an act of faith is based on a future knowing.

Absolutely knowing our future choices, clarified in the present, clear of resistance from past beliefs, will always faithfully appear.