Choice requires difference.

Difference creates choice.

We all have choice, because we are all different.

When presented with a difference, we have a choice and we have a choice to make.

When there is only one choice, there is no choice.

When there are two choices, there is a choice.

When presented with with two choices, the Soul’s choice is always the third choice.

What confuses our choice is the belief that not choosing is a choice.

When we choose not to choose, we misunderstand the Law of Attraction.

The only way not to choose something is to ‘not give it another thought’.

Choosing not to have something is a positive action to be negative and will attract what we do not choose to have.

The Master always chooses what turns up, because the Master knows that is what they have chosen to experience.

Choosing whatever turns up is ‘acceptance’.

Choosing what has not yet turned up is a preference.

Choosing what we believe that we do not have is a want and a desire.

The choice of our Soul will always turn up.

When we accept the choice of our Soul, we are Being At Choice.