Cash Flow

Money is an energy.

Energy flows until it encounters resistance.

When energy meets the resistance of fear and false beliefs, it stops flowing freely.

Fear of poor cash flow causes resistance to cash flowing and creates poor cash flow.

The need for cash reserves to overcome poor cash flow just endorses the existence of poor cash flow.

Poor cash flow creates the need to borrow, which creates an increase in cash outflow as well as cash in flow.

Increased cash outflow decreases cash reserves and creates slower cash in flow.

Cash flow problems are created when cash flowing out exceeds cash flowing in.

Cash reserves accumulate when cash flowing in exceeds cash flowing out.

Cash flow management is about regulating the ratio of cash flowing in and out.

Knowing that there is always enough overcomes negative cash flow, unless negative cash flow overcomes us knowing that we will have enough.

Having enough is a state of Being not a condition of having enough.

When ‘knowing that we have enough’ is a condition based on and dependent on us having enough, then we will never have enough and always be experiencing negative cash flow.

When we have enough cash today to pay today’s expenses then we are experiencing having just enough.

The difference between having enough and having just enough, is having a cash reserve.

In the Absolute Realm there is no such thing as negative cash flow. All energy just flows naturally.