Breaking-up or Breaking-down

When something breaks down it stops working effectively.

When something breaks up it stops being unified.

When a relationship breaks down it effectively stops working for one or both partners. The partnership is no longer meeting the needs or intended purpose for one or both partners.

Broken relationships can be mended. Co-dependent relationships may benefit from the services of a trained mediator, such as a coach or counsellor, who will overhaul the relationship and get it working again.

When a relationship becomes irretrievably broken-down, it leads to divorce or permanent separation and the marriage is broken-up legally and finally.

In an inter-developmental partnership, a break-down is seen from a different perspective as time required in temporary separation for both partners to review their vision and purpose.

The break-down is seen as a temporary break-up for their mutual benefit. They both know that their partnership is 100% secure and time apart is necessary for the individual healing process of both partners.

It is not that the interdevelopmental partnership has stopped working effectively but that the relationship is working too efficiently to expose the work that is required to be confronted. Too many lessons and shifts presenting them self at one time can put an individual or both partners into chaos.

A temporary separation of soul-mates may be essential to uncover any unhealthy attachments and to work through any unmet emotional needs and uncover any fears or false beliefs that exist sub-consciously hidden from view whilst the partners are united.

A temporary break-up or separation is beneficial and preferential to a break-down that leads to a permanent break-up and divorce.