Boundaries are the behaviour that we find acceptable from other people.

When other people’s behaviour crosses our boundary, we find it unacceptable.

Depending on the emotional energy that we have available, we will either tolerate it or it will be totally unacceptable and intolerable.

We will no longer be able to tolerate the toleration of having our boundaries invaded when we run out of emotional power.

When our boundaries are crossed, we will get cross.

Boundaries are therefore essential to maintaining a balanced level of emotional energy and living a toleration free life.

Once we have put sufficiently strong boundaries in place in our life to eliminate tolerations, we have sufficient emotional power to become conscious of our emotional needs. Our emotional needs are how we replenish or rebalance our emotional energy levels.

Once we have learned to consciously meet and manage our emotional needs, We have sufficient power to become Accepting.

As we become more and more accepting of what is occuring in our life and more and more able to consciously manage our emotional energy, we can start to widen the boundaries of our comfort zone.

As we extend our boundaries further and further, we enlarge our comfort zone and increase the magnitude of our personal ‘Space’.

Our boundaries determine our personal space that determines the extent of our personal emotional power.

The wider our boundaries become, the more personal space we have, the more emotional energy we have, and the wider we can open up our boundaries to other people and become more and more Accepting of others.

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