Boundaries are the behaviour that we find acceptable from other people because they reflect our own standards of behaviour.

We impose boundaries to eliminate the tolerations in our life that drain our energy. Our boundaries therefore define the limits of our tolerance.

When we become intolerant of others they are breaching our boundaries and acting in an intolerable and unacceptable way.

Boundaries define the relationship that we have with other people.

Very weak boundaries will make us a victim of other people and a poor me.

Having no respect for the boundaries of others will cause conflict and make us the villain and the intimidator.

Continually challenging other peoples’ boundaries will make us appear critical and an interrogator.

Continually running away to avoid intolerant or intolerable people, instead of imposing a boundary, we will be seen as unco-operative and aloof.

Although our boundaries are designed to make us comfortable and safe, inevitably they will make us secure and confined.

Our boundaries will eventually inhibit our freedom and contain us within our own comfort zone, which will stagnate our spiritual growth.

Boundaries define the ‘box’ into which we sentence our thoughts and where our mental development becomes incarcerated. They stop us thinking ‘outside of the box’ and disconnect us from our sponteneity and our creative imagination.

True Freedom in Life is attained once we eliminate all the boundaries that contain us within the world that our boundaries have created. Unlimited growth and development has no boundaries.