“Boredom is the gateway to peace and serenity”.

“We never get bored with Life, only the lack of it”.

Boredom is the absence of emotional Power that stops us enjoying Life.

Boredom is the absence of Authority, that stops us changing, expanding and growing.

Boredom is the inability to be, do, and have something different.

Boredom is the sameness that tells us we are stuck, contracting and life-less.

Our yawns of boredom are our Soul telling us that we are not listening.

A yawn signifies our lack of interest, appreciation and growth.

When we are yawning, we are being our sleepy, unawakened and unispired Self.

When we are bored with life, we are pursuing a slow and lingering death and we are not realising our creativity or manifesting our reality consciously.