Blessings & Curses

What we consider a virtue and good, we see as a blessing.

What we consider a sin and bad, we see as a curse.

Our experience of the dualities of good & bad, sins & virtues, blessings & curses, has led us to create a duality of god & the devil.

God (with a big G) has no duality and is Divine, whereas god (with a small g) is the duality of the devil.

The devil is responsible for creating everything in our life that curses us, and god is credited with creating everything in our life that blesses us.

Because what is seen from one person’s perspective as a curse can be seen from another person’s perspective as a blessing, proves the reality that god and the devil are the same energy or persona perceived in either a positive or a negative way.

The devil is seen as a negative perspective of the truth, whereas god is seen in a positive light.

The Real God is the Truth, seen from all perspectives without division or duality.

The belief that “One man’s meat is another man’s poison” endorses the fact that in our experience, we all create our own individual, unique and exclusive reality. We receive neither blessings nor curses from God, only our own free will and choice, which includes the ability to choose to believe that blessings and curses are an act of god and the devil.