Belief & Faith

Faith is knowing what I want that is right for me to guide me on my path.

Belief is thinking with the knowledge of experience of our self and others, in order to choose the best solution to a problem.

Our beliefs determine our behaviour. We take action according to what we believe the outcome will be.

When we believe that an outcome will be favourable, we act accordingly. We avoid taking action when we believe that the outcome may be unfavourable.

Our beliefs create uncertainty and the existence of chance and risk. Chance creates luck and luck or bad luck becomes our fate.

Our beliefs create our fate and therefore our beliefs become our fate.

Our thoughts draw unto us the experience of our focus. Therefore what we believe to be true becomes our reality and our reality endorses our beliefs about what is real.

Faith is knowing that I have a chosen path in life.

Faith is knowing that all possible paths exist and all realities are possible.

Faith is knowing that reality is not fixed and constant but fluid and expansive, and it is knowing that we follow our destiny with effortless flow, balance, harmony and equability.

When we Know that everything is possible then miracles not only become a reality but become our way of living a miraculous life with faith.