Being Truly Selfish

Being Truly Self-ish is Being like our True Self, which is our Soul.

Being selfish is wanting and desiring the choices of our ego self.

Being unselfish is being humble and pleasing to the choice and authority of someone else.

Being Truly Selfish is:

  • Allowing the choices of our Soul to manifest in our Life.
  • Choosing the authority of our Soul.
  • Accepting whatever turns up as a gift from our Soul.
  • Practicing unconditional foregiveness.
  • Always beneficial for both our Self and our Soul and is never detrimental to another.

Being detrimental to another is never beneficial to our Self because it contravenes the Golden Rule.

By the Law of Attraction: When we are being Truly Selfish and following our own path, we allow others to follow their path, which allows others to allow us to follow our path. We are allowing others to be Truly Selfish and follow their path as a reflection of our Self following our Soul’s Path.