Being Righteous

Being Righteous is knowing our true path of who we are and why we are here.

Being Righteous is never being wrong and never making another wrong. It is making right choices and allowing all others to make right choices also.

Being Righteous is without the need to be right and has no fear of being wrong.

Being Righteous knows that apparent wrongness is a perfect oppportunity for personal growth that makes it exactly right for a spiritual student.

Being Righteous knows that the duality of right and wrong is a subjective view of what is considered good or bad.

Being Righteous knows that good and bad is just a judgment of what we think we want or do not want. What we want is positive when it allows our path of spiritual growth to be expansive. It is negative when we become stuck and travel in circles.

Being Righteous is following our destiny to discover who we are and why we are here.

Being Righteous is making new choices that are expansive and right for our Soul.

Being Righteous moves us on our path of Righteousness, which has nothing to do with being right or wrong, yet everything to do with making a personal choice that consciously creates our own reality.

Being Righteous is without judgement and without morality, it is just Right for us.