Being Poor & Being Poorly

Being Poor is being without Wealth.

When wealth is measured by how rich we are, poor defines our poverty.

Being poor is the negative perspective of a dual reality called scarcity and abundance.

Being rich is seen as a positive aspect of having an abundance of material possessions.

Being Poorly is being without good Health.

When health is a measure of our physical and mental ability, being poorly describes our inability to carry out physical tasks well.

Being poorly is the negative perspective of a duality called sickness and health when we are being either well or unwell with either good or bad health.

Being Spiritually Poor and being Spiritually Poorly are the same thing. They are both a state of being without our Personal Emotional Power.

In the absence of our Personal Emotional Power we can be neither Well nor Wealthy.

Our magnitude of Personal Power defines our Happiness.

With enough Happiness, we have Wealth & Well-being in Abundance.

When our Personal Emotional Power (Happiness) is low, we perform poorly both physically and mentally.

Being poor and being poorly are both the result of being without our Ability, which is caused by our lack of Power that is the consequence of our disconnection from our True Authority.

Our True Authority is our Soul and Inner Coach, our Real Self that is never in a state of being either poor or poorly.