"Being of One Mind"

When we are being of One Mind, we are conscious only of our Conscious mind and conscious thoughts.

In one mind, we are unaware of the existence of our unconscious minds, our Sub-Conscious Mind and our Super-Conscious Mind.

When our Consciousness has no Awareness it knows only One Mind.

Being of One Mind:

  • We are limited to our own conscious beliefs that are based on our own physical experiences.
  • Makes us a Perfectionist and a Seeker of the One Truth.
  • Allows only one perspective of Life where reality is fixed and unchanging.
  • Allows only one reality – our own.

The awareness of the existence of our unconscious minds opens up our thoughts to endless and unlimited possibilities.

An Open Mind knows of the existence of the “One Universal Mind”.

The paradox is that we can only truly be of One Mind once we have explored, experienced and discovered the existence of every different aspect of the Universal Mind as seen through our own Mind.