Being Intolerant

Being Intolerant is my inability to tolerate what is occurring in my life.

When my beliefs conflict with whatever is occurring, I become intolerant.

The more conviction that I hold in my belief, the more intolerant I become.

Intolerance is caused by my lack of presence and my lack of acceptance.

When I cannot accept whatever is occurring as a present, I will be intolerant of it.

I become intolerant when I can no longer tolerate & endure the situation that I find myself in.

It is not what is occurring that is intolerable but my belief about the situation I am in.

My tolerant beliefs allow me to tolerate whatever is occurring.

My intolerant beliefs disallow my tolerating a situation.

My faith allows my acceptance.

I am being intolerant when I am moving in the opposite direction to my chosen path.

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