Being Human

Being a human is doing what humans do.

All human beings have individual choice but mostly choose to do what other human beings in their society choose to do.

Human beings normally conform to patterns of behaviour that are considered to be normal human behaviour.

The human thing to do, and the humane thing to do, is what society currently considers to be good and right behaviour.

There is no manual or law book that is the definitive blue-print of how humans should be. Those who revere the Bible, the Torah, the Koran or another Religious doctrine will obviously disagree.

Whether inspired by God or by god, all religious texts are the creation of Man. Moses may have received a revelation from his God concerning his path, but the 10 Commandments are a creation of Moses and Mosaic Law is the Law of Moses, not the Law of God.

God cannot make Laws and give Freedom of Choice as this would be hypocrisy.

All individual human beings have individual choice, which is God given.

God did not give us choice and then tell us what to choose collectively.

Our Soul connection to God guides us individually not collectively.

What makes us human is our ability to choose who we are being.

Human beings are unique, individual and exclusive because of their emotional state of being more so than the actions they take.

Whereas most human beings do similar things and live similar lives, they differ immensely in who they are being whilst they are doing the same things.

A human being is a noun that does things called verbs.

Being human requires an adjective to describe our emotional state of being in each and every moment in time.