Being Happy with your Partner

Being happy with our partner means that we are happy together. I am happy, my partner is happy, and we are sharing our mutual happiness together.

In a happy relationship, both partners are responsible for their own happiness. Only once they are both individually happy can they share their happiness with each other.

We cannot make our partner happy, we can only please them by meeting their emotional needs.

When we please another by meeting their emotional needs, they become dependent on us, and this will interfere with their long term happiness.

We can be happy with our partner, once we become accepting of what they do, approving of who they are, and allowing of what they have.

When we tolerate what another does, disapprove of who they are being, and are possessive of what they have, we are unhappy with that other, whether they are happy or not.

Our partner will be unhappy with us when they disapprove, are unaccepting and disallowing of who we are being, what we are doing or what we have.

Our partner’s unhappiness with us is not our issue, it is their’s. With sensitive-detachment, we can remain happy our self and empower them to see their issues.

Our unhappiness is not our partner’s issue, it is our’s. When we blame our partner for our unhappiness, we are guilty of not taking responsibility for our own happiness and are taking responsibility for their’s instead.