Being Faithful

Being faithful to another is following their authority and their choices.

Being unfaithful to another is following the desires of our selfish ego in the pursuit of getting our emotional needs met.

Being faithful to our partner is conforming to the needs of a co-dependent relationship.

We can only depend on our partner to meet our needs faithfully, when they are being faithful.

A co-dependent partner can only rely on us to meet their needs emotionally, when we are being faithful.

In an inter-developmental partnership, both partners are faithful to their own spiritual path of growth and development.

Our true partner in personal spiritual development and growth is our Soul.

When we are faithful to the authority of our Soul, we grow spiritually.

Interdevelopmental partners do not need each other, they choose each other for the purpose of sharing their mutual development.

Our True Faith is the path of our Soul. When we are Soul-full, we are Being full of Faith.