Being Emotional

Our State of Being is our emotion.

Being emotional is being our Beingness.

Our beingness is the emotion that we are feeling in the present moment of time.

Who we are Being is defined by our emotional state of being.

We state who we are being emotionally and we feel our emotional state of being.

All energy in this realm is three dimensional because we live in a three dimensional world.

Emotion has three dimensions:

The frequency of emotion is called polarity and we measure it as either positive or negative.

The wavelength of emotion is called gender and we define it as either male or female.

The vibration of emotion is called intensity, which we experience  as either high or low.

A positive emotion is called an aspect of love and a negative emotion is called an element of fear.

A male emotion is called a sin and a female emotion is called a virtue. (These are often mistakenly seen as good or bad polarities, when good & evil is confused with positive & negative and right & wrong.)

A high emotion is felt with depth of feeling, whereas a low emotional intensity is only felt with the height of sensitivity.