Being & Doing

Human beings are defined or characterised by what they do according to the character or role that they are doing or playing in life.

As a human being, we are also defined by our personality, which is the emotional state of being that our character portrays.

We rationally interpret the material world in which we are living with our physical senses and consider all aspects of events that are occuring.

We rationally analyse what other people are doing before we decide on what we will do our self. The actions of others determine our reaction or response to life in each and every moment of time.

We emotionally analyse who other people are being relative to what is occuring in the world. Most people however do this sub-consciously without being aware of it.

We are aware in varying degrees of who other people are being – their emotional state of being – depending on how sensitive we are emotionally.

In a very material and rational world, our sensitivity to the awareness of energy and energetic states of being is closed down at a very early age.

This does not mean that we stop being emotional but that we stop being aware of our emotions and being consciously in control of them.

Consciously Being requires the awareness of our emotional state of being, whereas Doing requires us only to be conscious of our physical state of being.