Being Better

Wellness is the reason for getting better.

As we get better we become well.

Self-development is the process of becoming better and attaining Wellness.

There is no limit to attainining Wellness or how better we can become.

We do not need to be ill to get better.

We can already be well and still develop and increase our Wellness, as we get better and improve how well we are.

Being better is a measurement of where we are and in what direction we are moving along our personal path of development and spiritual growth.

Our Soul is Absolutely Well.

The purpose of our Life is to become Equal to our Soul and as Well as our Soul.

To become as Well as our Soul we are required to expand, develop and grow to become and Be Better.

Being better does not require us to do anything, just Be Better.

When we do anything to compete, win and be better than someone else, we are not being better, we are doing better than another.

Doing better than another never made anyone Well.

Doing better is based on pride, greed, vanity and arrogance and is driven by our emotional needs.

Being Better is a True Value of Expansive Creativity, Discovery & Awareness.