Being at Choice

Being at Choice is following my chosen Destiny.

When I choose a conscious choice, I am following my fate.

When I fail to make a choice, I receive more of the fate that I have already chosen.

When I make a new choice, I am changing my fate.

Fate can be our fortune or our doom, but never our destiny.

To be at the Choice of my Destiny requires me to be Consciously-Aware of:

  • Accepting the Mission that I have chosen for this life-time. This is what I have chosen to do that has True Value.
  • Allowing the Vision that I have chosen for this life-time to manifest. This is what I have chosen to have and to Attain.
  • Approving the Purpose that I have chosen for this life-time. This is who I have chosen to be and Attribute to my Self.
  • Affirming my Soul’s choice by hearing my Messages of support and direction.
  • Acknowledging my Soul’s Choice by seeing the Bigger Picture of my Life.
  • Attesting my Soul’s Choice by feeling the power and inspiration of my True Presence.
  • Appreciating the Choices of my Soul with a little Prayer of Gratitude & Appreciation.

When I am Being at Choice with my Soul, I am appreciating who I am, why I am here, where I am going, what I am doing, and how and when I am doing it.