Being at Choice

Being at Choice is choosing the choice of our Soul.

The paradox is that the Soul’s Choice is always to allow our Self to choose.

The Self is granted total free will by the Soul.

Free will is total ‘carte blanche’ for the ego self to choose whatever it desires.

Carte Blanche is an infinite menu and a white canvas on which to paint our own reality.

Free will is the ability to be the author of our own life.

It is only once the Self chooses the Choice of the Soul that the Soul and the Self unite in their choice and become ‘At Choice’.

Every time the ego makes a choice that is not the choice of the Soul, the Self and the Soul remain separate and disconnected.

When we choose the choice of our Soul, we connect to our Power and our Creative Ability.

The stonger the will of the ego the more disconnected from the Soul it will become.

The ego thinks it knows what it wants, the Soul knows it knows what it has chosen.

Being at Choice is remembering what the Soul and the Self decided together to choose for this particular life-time.