Being "Adjective"

An “adjective” is a thing (noun) that describes a thing (noun).

Being “Adjective” is the state of Being in Beingness that we are Being. We are being adjective when we are consciously-aware of our state of being.

We describe what we do with a verb (a doing word). We describe our State of Being with an adjective (a descriptive word).

When we are unaware of our state of Being, we default to the role that we are playing, which is what we are doing.

Doing Life-Coaching is how we assist others to ‘do’ or achieve their goals.

Being a Life-Coach is how we ‘model’ a state of Being in our Life as an example of how we coach others to Be.

When I am doing Life-Coaching, I am sharing a ‘subjective’ truth with an ‘objective’ client.

When I am Being a Life-Coach, I am sharing an ‘adjective’ truth of who I really am.

A state of Being is not something we do, even though the verb ‘to be’ is seen grammatically as a doing word.

A state of being is a State of Being and can only be described ‘adjectively’.

“Adjective” is an adjective that describes our State of Being.