Becoming is the process of experiencing who we are.

Who we are coming to Be, is the process of personal spiritual development and growth.

Who we have come to Be in this life-time is the purpose of our destiny.

The act of Becoming is a conscious choice made with the awareness of who we are Being, distinct from who we choose to be (which role we choose to play).

We are most Becoming when we are becoming our grandest state of Being.

Coming to physical life is an act of birth. Becoming spiritual in life is a conscious choice.

We come to be whoever we choose to be whether we choose consciously or not.

When we fail to consciously choose, we will become a reflection of our sub-conscious Self.

Our sub-conscious self will drive us to be whoever we need to be to fulfil our needs and secure our survival.

When unawakened, we become the product of our ancestral programming and become akin to our parents as is our fate.

Our destiny is to become like our Self and to become akin to our Soul.