"Be Unto Others"

“Be unto others as you would have them be unto you”. This is the Golden Rule.

Our Soul is not interested in ‘what we are doing’, only ‘who we are being’ whilst we are doing it.

Action is the the vehicle through which we are able to express the emotional state of being that we are being in any moment of time.

Who we are being in any moment of time defines the reality of that moment.

It is not what others do unto us that is as important as who they are being whilst they are doing it.

The state of being, that is being emotionally expressed by another, is a reflection of that which we are required to look at in our Self, in order to see our alignment with our Path.

Once we are accepting of what others do, approving of who others are, and allowing of what others have, we  become the best that we can be unto others without interference to their Path.

This is the only way to remove the interference that others are causing to our Path.