Awareness is our ability to know, see and feel ‘Energy’.

Awareness is the Attainment of Being:

  • Connected energetically to our Soul.
  • Sensitive energetically to other people.
  • Emotional energetically to our Self.

Being Emotional, Sensitive and Connected are all positive attributes of Awareness.

When we are connected energetically to other people, we become inclusive.

When we are too sensitive energetically to other people, we become attached.

When we are too emotional energetically to our Self, we become irrational.

Being inclusive, attached and irrational are all negative aspects of Awareness.

Awareness of seeing, feeling and knowing energy is the female gender of our energy, called being Spiritual.

Awareness has both a positive and a negative polarity and perspective.

The negative aspects of being inclusive, irrational and attached are very prominent within mainstream religion.