Authority & Influence

We do not have authority to make choices for other people.

We can only influence the choices made by other people when they give their authority away to us.

We all have choice. This is the authority of the self to choose and our authority to choose for our Self.

We all have the potential ability to make our own choices and we realise our potential through making choices.

Freedom of choice is our authority to choose and is our Divine Right. It is God-given.

What limits our ability to choose is the influence of other people, especially other influential people.

We are influenced from birth by the choices that other people make.

Other people seek authority over us, so that they can influence our decision making.

When we take away another’s authority to choose for themself, we take away their power.

When we give away our authority to the influence of another, we deny our Self our True Power.

Without power, whatever authority we follow, we can never fulfil our potential ability.

Our Potential Ability is the product of our own personal Power and Authority that is accessed by connecting exclusively to the ‘Influence’ that is available from our Inner Coach.