Authority means ‘Choice’.

Those with Authority make choices.

We are all in Authority to make Choices.

The relative world of dual reality is conceived as a contextual field where choice is not only possible but essential for Life.

Making choices is the essence of Life on Earth.

Choice is our birthright. We have been given the Authority to live our Life as we so choose.

The quality of our Life is determined by the choices that we make.

We make choices with our thoughts and our choices determine our reality.

Every thought is a choice and every thought is a request for the reality that we choose.

Our Reality is the sum total of all the choices that we have made in our life to date.

When we consciously start to make our own choices, we become the Author of our own Life.

When we follow the choices of others or let others make our choices for us, we create their reality instead of our own, and we give our Authority away.

Unless we make our own conscious choices and follow our own Authority, we are unable to connect to our own Source of Power.