Authentic means being who we really are.

Authentic is being real, but what reality is authentic?

Our authentic reality is the reality that is our Truth.

However there is a difference between the reality that we are creating and the Absolute Truth.

The Absolute Authentic Truth is what is True for absolutely everyone and everything.

Yet how can there be an Authentic Truth when we create our own reality and are therefore the author of our own truth?

The reality that we individually create and experience, is our own truth and is authentic for us, but it is not the Absolute Truth.

We do not create Absolute Truth, but we exist within the boundaries of it. Within those boundaries we are free to create our Self as a unique, individual, exclusive and authentic Being.

Absolute Truth is defined by Universal Law.

A Universal law is an Authentic Truth, which is Universal, Absolute and Immutable.

There is no way that Universal Laws can be broken but we live in a world that allows us to see different perspectives of what Universal Law causes to happen.

Actually, Universal Law doesn’t cause anything to happen, we do. The effects of what we cause to happen are subject to the Laws of the Universe and happen the way they do because of the Authentic, Absolute Truth.